Supporting Special Needs - Community Initiatives

Organizations aiming to support individuals with special needs may fundraise for special needs children's field activities, highly specialized facilities for the blind, finance medical equipment for special needs patients, and more.

If your community cares about improving the lives of children or adults with special needs through methods such as funding dedicated counselors, specially designed vacations, suitable work opportunities, and the like, then you belong to the Charity Special Needs community.

The Charidy Magic Touch

Charidy Special Needs has accumulated years of experience approaching diverse populations. We help directors, including those from immediate families and close circles of those in need connect and create a dialogue with potential donors. Our donor outreach approach is an artful science that requires vast emotional intelligence and technical support to execute effectively. Our work has aided and sustained fledgling as well as established organizations to strengthen their donor community and engage them year-round for long-lasting impact, beyond the campaign day.

Raising Money For

  • Medical Equipment For Patients With Special Needs
  • Special Field Trips & Vacations
  • Funding Counselors & Workers
  • Funding counselors and workers
  • Funding special field trips and vacations
Fundraising levels
Capital improvement:
Complex activities: